This program is available on trains, light rail, and buses during weekends and holidays from 7 p.m. Friday (or the day before a holiday) until 6 a.m. Monday (or the day after a holiday). Find out which routes and services you can use a Scholar season tickets on ECC Tickets. Higher fares apply during rush hours. Rush hour* $2.50. Nj Transit Bus Fare Chart . 31-Day Pass | 2 Zones Express. Some of the commuter benefit cards are not printed with the VISA or MasterCard logo but will still be accepted for purchasing tickets following the same procedures currently used for credit or debit card processing, depending on whether the card is used as a credit or debit card. Academy Bus doesn't operate daily service between NYC, Providence, and Boston. If you were caught in a Fare Paid Zone without proof of payment and received a fare infraction ticket, you can pay your ticket online, by mail or in person. Depending on your trip length, the price will vary. Travel for 1 year at anytime. For bus travel, the number of zones you can ride is printed on the pass, based on its value. The fare increase was approved as part of NJ Transit's $2.1 billion budget, unanimously passed in July. If you board the bus in Newark, you get off in Paterson, you have traveled four zones, so the bus fare is $3.50 plus seventy cents for a transfer. DOWNTOWN ZONE. Top Answer. Find the location near you! Intrastate bus card. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. Know Before You Go    Getting There    Tickets & Fares. Ticket finder Tram ticket prices Where to buy tickets Young people Older people Disabled people Jobseekers and new workers Contactless get me there smart ticketing System One Travelcards Care leavers. The individual(s) whose signature will be on the check. document.write(showaddress('Pbenson', 'Benson, Pamela D')); The fares shown below are for adults; see other fares. Pay as you go at adult rate on buses and trams and our Hopper fare gives you unlimited journeys for £1.50, made within one hour of touching in. Im taking a new job in Secaucus so im gonna try giving public transportation a shot instead of sitting in traffic on rt 3 every morning. Pay with a MetroCard, or use contactless payment where OMNY scanners are available. The validity date must be verified before acceptance. IndyGo’s S-Pass program allows local colleges and universities to purchase 31-day bus passes for their students at half price. If the child does not prove itself in the stipulated way, but it proves its age, it can buy discounted ticket for a child under 15 years. $1. Customers with NJ TRANSIT rail monthly or weekly passes printed with a bus zone number can use their pass on NJ TRANSIT buses up to the number of imprinted bus zones during the period the pass is valid. Passes are not accepted on the 320 from the N. Bergen Park and Ride or on the 321 from the Vince Lombardi Park and Ride. Traveling on this company you can ride in several types of bus. Normally, count on 238 bus departures every week on Bus 188. Adults: $30 Round Trip or $17 One Way. One-way tickets can be used for one trip for the number of zones indicated on the ticket. Monthly fare cards are available on the 20th day of the preceding month at all points of sale. For example, buy a $90 pass (with a per-trip value of $2.50) if you're an adult who takes local Community Transit buses. Hopper fare. All orders must be mailed to the billing address of the credit card. Prices for pay as you go caps and Bus & Tram Passes. Fare Type Fare; Bus. A customer has the option of paying for a ticket or pass with a transit benefits check in combination with cash, a personal or corporate check or a credit or debit card. Buying tickets on your phone is the most convenient option. At TrainUS, you can find New York, NY next bus schedules, routes, and fares. directions_busFramingham Circuit(clockwise) directions_bus5th-Market to Ardmore. (At local outlets passes are sold through the 5th of the month for which they are valid.). Maplewood, New Jersey 07040-2494. The zones for busses are demarcated by dotted lines on bus route maps. Nicollet Mall. If you use more than one bus to reach your destination, you don't need to purchase a transfer if you have a bus pass. 2 zone bus pass price nj, Fares. The expiration date is not set until pass is activated on the bus by inserting it into the slot on top of the farebox. [CDATA[// > U.S. Forums > New Jersey: NJTransit bus zone 2 (how much, purchase, cost of) ... How much does a two zone bus pass cost for NJ Transit 09-29-2011, 07:49 PM brokenaperture : Location: East Rutherford, NJ . A $10 service fee will be charged to customers for dishonored checks. Am I able to take the first bus that arrives, or do I have to take the 166 unless I buy a 3 or 4 zone pass? Purchase your rail ticket prior to boarding the train. • You may pre-purchase day passes from the sales office to use at a later date. Nj Transit Monthly Bus Pass Prices . You can learn about all special fare options on our web pages for train, light rail, and bus. Passes provide the best value for frequent riders, offering unlimited rides for a designated period of time. Bus 139 ticket prices also will vary on peak and off-peak hours. The base fare is charged for local and limited-stop buses. Fares. This section provides you with timetables and fare options for NJ TRANSIT trains, buses, and light rail operations. Fares and Passes. We know that everyone uses bus passes differently, that’s why we have lots of tickets and passes available to suit your needs. Regular fare: $88.50 Reduced fare - age 6 -17*: $53 Reduced fare students - age 18 and +*: $53 Reduced fare - age 65 and +*: $53 * To benefit from a reduced fare, you must have a registered photo ID OPUS card. Nj Transit Monthly Pass Zones At NJ TRANSIT ticket offices and Ticket Vending Machines, bus passes are available for purchase beginning at 5 p.m. on the 19th of the previous month through the 10th of the month for which the pass is valid. Across Merseyside and Halton. Customers on express routes 918 and 950 should purchase Monthly Bus Pass for routes without fare boxes. You can use it to make unlimited trips on NJ TRANSIT bus routes for an entire calendar month for the number of zones indicated on the pass. This bus line present 2 locations to be ride to and from. Unlimited rides for 31 consecutive days from the date of first use. MOBILITY FARE. This letter must be submitted to NJ TRANSIT in advance of the ticket purchase to allow sufficient time for verification of the letter with the issuing organization. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are accepted for payment at all NJ TRANSIT ticket offices and ticket vending machines. For one discounted monthly price you can travel an unlimited number of times within the zone range indicated on your pass. The more you use it, the more you save! The bus fare in New Jersey are on pay per ride basis. The weekly and monthly rail passes with a number on them are valid on the bus up to the zone number on the rail pass Transit benefits checks may not be redeemed for cash, and no change will be given. How much is a NJ transit 2 zone bus pass? From Saturday 11 July, you must touch in on the yellow card reader on all routes. $1. It's the agency's fifth fare hike since 2000, the first since a 22 percent increase in 2010. Fares & Passes. Multi-Pass 2 day Round trips (Must be used in 2 consecutive days) : $36.00 Multi-Pass 3 day Round trips (Must be used in 3 consecutive days) : $54.00 Downtown Zone. One-Way Fare: $1.00 With valid TheBus Senior Card or valid U.S. Medicare Card. Fares vary based on when and where you’re traveling. NYC Transit tickets must be purchased separately. My girlfriend gets to work from bayonne to newark airport with a 2 zone bus pass & metrocard for PATH. Fares and bus passes. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, non-driver's ID issued by a state Department of Transportation, photo ID, passport, or major credit card such as VISA, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, or American Express. Older or disabled persons bus pass . Use MyTix, a feature of the app, to buy and display most tickets or passes on your mobile device. The customer's address must be imprinted or hand-printed on the check. The light rail requires minimum 49 dollar or 2 zone pass, with 2 zones you can ride the light rail, including newark light rail & HBLR as much as you want. Save up to 30 percent off your daily commute by purchasing a NJ TRANSIT bus pass. The comment about transfer train to bus means NJT rail, not light rail. Most of the NJ TRANSIT BUS lines are made in New York, NY. Checks will not be accepted from customers who are on the current NJ TRANSIT Dishonored Check List. If you use cash, please have exact change as drivers cannot make change. We no longer offer pre-ordering cards or passes for shipping at a later date. You can pay your bus fare by cash or with an ORCA fare card. Our Prices Please note that a $1 administrative fee will be added to each ticket sale. £483.50. NJ TRANSIT offers an array of options for purchasing rail, bus, and light rail tickets. Refunds are not given. Non-Rush hour . Besides, all the information about your next NJ TRANSIT BUS trips, such as bus stations, maps, and alerts. Top Tip: A Travelcard for any zone entitles you to travel by bus all over London, including central London (zone 1). Nj Transit Bus Card Prices . It doesn't matter which city you buy your bus pass in. These tickets are valid until used (no expiration date) and are non-refundable. NJ TRANSIT does not issue refunds for one-way or round-trip tickets. //--> State Of Louisiana Facility Planning And Control Fee Calculator, 2004 Honda Accord V6 Specs, Institute Of Management Studies Kolkata, City Tree Damaged My Property, Fallout 76 Vintage Tick Blood, Alpro Roasted Unsweetened Almond Milk, Party Rentals Toronto,