I live in Melbourne, Had the tree potted in a nice sunny shaded area and all winter the tree did not lose any leaves, was very healthy looking. Trees exposed to standing water or too much moisture exhibit a significant stunt growth. In the United States, lychee trees grown for their fruit production are mainly grown in Florida and Hawaii. The easiest way to protect your lychee trees from being damaged by wind is growing banana or bamboo trees near your lychee tree. Banana trees are easy and fast to grow. Of the soils of southern Florida, lychee trees grow best in acid sands with moderate organic matter content. [4 Reasons], Brown Spots On Hydrangeas - What Does It Mean & How…. Further, using heavy fertilizers, excessively on a Lychee tree, will only make you watch it die soon after heavy rainfall, as the nutrients dissolve in the soil and cause the root system to burn. Remove insets by hand and cut off affected leaves/branches. Similar Images . If there had to be the second king of fruits, it must have been Lychee. The lychee leaves eventually turn yellow and the tree dies. It is a fungal disease that erodes the leaves and causes great harm to the tree. The prime season for this fruit to grow lies between May to August, and many gardeners tend to grow it in their gardens. If winter in a location is too cold for lychee trees, they may also display symptoms that resemble disease. Another disease that causes yellow and brownish spots to appear on the lychee foliage is Lychee leaf Necrosis. The light brown spots of Gloeosporium leaf blight merge together, eventually making the whole leaf look scorched brown, before defoliation occurs. Many of the fungal diseases that lychee trees can develop are caused by overly wet, warm and humid winter conditions. Do you also have lychee-trees in your garden that stand high and produce mouth-watering treats? It can help nourish the soil by reducing excessive evaporation and soil erosion. Make sure the frequency and quantum of fertilizers used are precise enough. Its leaves are always green and they measure at 12.5-20cm or 4.9-7.9 inches long. A common problem amongst lychee growers is lychee leaves turning brown or yellow. The lychee leaves eventually turn yellow and the tree dies. Not to forget, ‘Excess of everything is bad’. Not just that, in the initial growth stages, lychee tree imports and utilizes all its stored energy, i.e., electrolytes, sugar, starch, etc. The Lychee tree is a native of Southern China and Southeastern Asia and has been widely cultivated for its prized fruits for more than two millennia. Look for tiny webs, curling leaves, or a white powdery substance. An evergreen tree, its dark green, glossy and leathery leaves are divided into four to eight leaflets and each is about 4 to 8 centimeters long. Over or under-watering can also cause citrus tree leaf … Symptoms of cold dam-age include leaf death, leaf drop, stem and limb dieback, bark splitting, and tree death. Green Lychee. If only half of the lychee tree displays brown leaves, it could simply be a sign of windburn, which lychee trees can be very susceptible to. Number on producer of lychees is China, then India, other countries include Southeast Asia, Indian subcontinent and South Africa. To diagnose a watering problem, the environmental conditions also need to be taken into consideration. As your lychee tree flushes new growth, the newly grown leaves are too sensitive and tender to stand the strong wind. If only half of the lychee tree displays brown leaves, it could simply be a sign of windburn, which lychee trees can be very susceptible to. Mushroom root rot is the most deadly disease affecting the lychee tree. Trees grow best in well-drained soils. Commercially they are fertilized specifically to induce abundant fruit set, but lychee trees in the home garden will do best with a general purpose fertilizer for fruit trees. You might contact the seller and see if they will replace the trees. A Lychee tree can grow optimally if saved from wind and provided with a proper sun site. Fruit related to Lychee. Its leaflets are usually in 2 to 4 pairs. Though they will require deep watering during periods of drought, they are otherwise infrequently watered to allow them to grow their own deep, vigorous roots. The alga will eventually produce rust-colored, microscopic 'spores' on the surface of the leaf spots, giving the spots a reddish appearance.

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