I have never read such a thorough treatment on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and though it has left me with some questions, I found this book to be amazing. The kind of joy that you are filled with when you receive an unexpected gift. Superbly theological and biblical at the same time with great insight, logic on fire, and solid commentary. What I did learn is I have much to learn about the Holy Spirit and perhaps this book was the first in my journey of learning. Joy a word small in stature but mighty in meaning. The Word Choral Club May 2015. So many told me how powerful the book was. Joy Unspeakable is both discussing the contemplative practices of the Black church but redefining contemplation for those in and outside the Black church. He believed that true Christian fellowship was possible only amongst those who shared common convictions regarding the nature of the faith. Captivating! The kind of joy that a boy has after being away from his girl for too long. See more ideas about joy, bible verses, words. I read this book as a convinced 'One Baptism' man, but found myself re-evaluating that position while reading this. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. I'm a huge fan of the preaching of the Doctor. All that to say, I didn't actually read more than about half of the book. //, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. I have presented this argument to many critics and never had a good response to it yet. At that time and in that context, I personally found it very helpful as I worked through experiences and convictions I hold. An inspiring read, even if I'm not 100% convinced of his conclusions. . He weaves in historical accounts of believers who experienced the great revivals and/or experience a "second blessing" of the Spirit. If you want a well-rounded view of the subject, and want to learn from all sides of the debate, you cannot pass by "Joy Unspeakable". In this regard, he also refers to men over the last centuries who have had these kinds of experiences. Unspeakable Joy. - 2 Corinthians 12:4, "How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter." At that time and in that context, I personally found it very helpful as I worked through experiences and convictions I hold. All that to say, if I were going to move to a “second blessing” view of the Spirit’s baptism, Lloyd-Jones’ view would be the one I would adopt. 2 I have found the pleasure I once craved; It is joy and peace within. Another question unanswered is about the impact of the coming of the Holy Spirit in the broad community. So I was personally convinced, even if it was only by one argument. 'Cause they did not hear, and they can not take it away! Each chapter, in light of the context given in the first few chapters, are self contained units. Great balance and sound thought. Popular Pages. I was surprised by his sloppy exegesis and rushing to conclusions that are not necessarily warranted by the text of Scripture. I couldn't escape the fact that these were two distinct Trinitarian Persons administering two separate baptisms. There are lots of gems and nuggets here. This is the revival the church needs today. JOY Unspeakable. Recommended, I read this book as a convinced 'One Baptism' man, but found myself re-evaluating that position while reading this. The author's exegesis of the baptism of the Spirit seems solid and makes sense. Wedding venue. Unspeakable Joy Lyrics to all song lyrics at A Z Lyrics. JOY Unspeakable. Lloyd-Jones is in a unique position to write on this topic since he is one of the most celebrated Reformed preachers of all time. An answer to prayer even though it left me with more questions than answers; it gave me the one answer that I needed, which was: "Plead with God relentlessly for the baptism and the gifts of the Spirit.". People ask my why this supernatural high, Seeing only sun when there's a cloudy sky. As an administrator in Student Affairs at Iowa State University, Denise Williams’ life on campus has not only distracted her from the "abnormal... To see what your friends thought of this book, Joy Unspeakable: Power & Renewal in the Holy Spirit, This book is a must read for anyone wanting to seriously study the doctrine of the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Although Joy Unspeakable purports to be a series of sermons on John, the “Doctor” strays from an exegetical treatment of John into flights of fancy, which continue for almost the entirety of the book. It sounds like guaranteed that the Spirit will be given. It is a must read for everyone in the evangelical circles. I've done much study of the Scriptures myself on the topic since then and believe the Dr. is very sound in his doctrine. One more thing that must be pointed out is about the Scriptural quotations throughout the book. It’s really the kind of indescribable joy. Some in the Reformed camp rued that influence, especially after publication of the sermons here on baptism with the Holy Spirit: "The family of the Rev. I generally have issues reading transcribed sermons, even with guys like Spurgeon. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. MLJ launches off from John 1:26, 33, takes the phrase “baptizeth with the Holy Ghost,” and runs amok with it. I just have a harder time with it. I felt like it took me back to earlier years when I was so excited about these things - things that Martyn Lloyd-Jones clearly hasn't lost his zeal for in his own life as he preached these chapters. He disagreed with the broad church approach and encouraged evangelical Christians (particularly Anglicans) to leave their existing denominations. [Refrain] 3 … The result is a classic call to submit afresh to the Spirit for power, purity and assurance, while keeping our heads in the face of pitfalls that might distract or ensnare us. This collection was at times difficult because he was referencing contemporary issues and teachers but I was able to track with him most of the way through. He is focused on our experience of the Holy Spirit based on a good understanding of God's Word. James 1:2-4 … If it’s not, if it’s missing, if you find it comes and goes, then something is wrong. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Dec 13 2015_Joy Unspeakable Music Celebration (mp3) “Joy, Unspeakable Joy” “O Come All Ye Faithful” Welcome & Announcements Offering – Missions Video Advent – Carroll Gray, Chris Pickens, Casey Swartz (Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 1:46-48) Narration Before “Hail Newborn King”: Joy to the world!

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