1 Saber Alter vs Berserker Fate/Stay Night VS Fate/Apocrypha! Normally, an Archer would never attempt to fight a Saber in close range. Saber (Fate/stay night) Saber's Profile (This was Fate Saber and Archer with Unlimited Blade Works. Saber and Archer landed in the field and began making their way towards the center. Archer (EMIYA) VS Saber (Siegfried) is a What-If? Saber sucks and the only reason she "beat" Archer is because he went easy on her. Him replicating Saber's sword is a massive bluff since whatever he constructs is one rank weaker for normal weapons made of earthly elements. No words were necessary, they both knew what they were going to do. Step 2 The Charge - Saber begins to charge Archer while Archer shoots some projectiles … With or without Avalon, Saber wrecks Archer. DEATH BATTLE featuring EMIYA and Siegfried from the Visual Novel Series Fate. Archer needed to be free from Rin's command seal in order to accomplish his goal of killing Shirou. Saber protecting someone in no way hinders her strength, only her mobility, and she's not outrunning a Mach 10 projectile anytime soon either, so her protecting someone really doesn't matter. That is, of course, if Gil did not see him as worthless mongrel trash. Saber was only allowed use a 7-A Excaliblast and didn't have Avalon) Assassin (EMIYA) (Fate/Grand Order) Assassin's Profile (Base Archer was used. Archer then tries to destroy him on a physical and mental battlefield but Shirou proves to be resilient enough to survive both, with a moment's hesitation at the end giving Shirou the victory. Archers are supposed to be long range specialists with a high degree of independent action. Saber asks how does he know that, and Archer trolls her by saying maybe he was one of her Knights or something. Archer then kidnaps Rin after she forms a contract with Saber, forcing a situation where Shirou faces off one on one against Archer. If Emiya gets an unfair advantage and the battle starts with him at a faraway sniping distance then he maaaaaay have a … Saber is basicly superior, but Archer had at least his long range(so it depends much on version and master). Archer insults Saber's abilities as a King and tries to rile her up. Archer has no chance against Gil. Combatants started 200 meters away from each other) Inconclusive Matches: She's a top-tier Servant; only an inusfficient supply of Mana could lead her losing in a serious fight. Archer is the version of Shirou that followed his ideals to their tragic end while Shirou wants to move forward despite that fact. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Archer loses the fight, but only because he does not attack Shirou as he is stabbed through the chest. Archer pretty much gets beat in close range combat against superior duelists like Lancer and Saber.

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